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    Mr. Newburger

    1st Day Letter and Course Expectations

    Below you will find outlines for the week.  Homework will be listed on the bottom of the outlines and will be due the Friday of that week.  Homework will not be accepted late.

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    Minerals and Rocks

    We all make decisions in our lives.  How do we come to these decisions?  The larger the decision the more we need to step back and analyze the situation.  Some things that need a decision to be made that you may be thinking now are:  whether to go college or not, which college should I go to, should I buy a car or try to borrow a car, is it time to get a job, what cell phone should I get, or what computer should I purchase.  All of these are important decisions to make and require a lot of resources.  Finding the right resources and sifting through them takes time and analysis skills that need to be developed. 

    The same analysis that you use to decide on whether to go to college or what college to choose can be used to distinguish between minerals and classifying rocks.   In this unit we will be using analytical tools to distinguish between rocks and minerals.  By the end of the unit you will be asked to identify 5 samples of minerals using their properties, and classify 5 rocks as igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic.  You will need to list the criteria and resources that you used to analyze those specimens.

    Homework for this unit can be found in the review book on the following pages:

    • Minerals - pages 222-223 numbers 1-15
    • Rocks - pages 232-234 numbers 16-37
    • Mineral Resources - pages 234-237 numbers 38-47 

    All homework is intended to reinforce concepts taught and will be discussed during office hours.